Meet Richie

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Meet your coach

Meet Richie, The Growth Coach

Thriving in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. 

Hey, I'm Richie. I’m passionate about helping people step out of their business and live the life they want to live. 

I’m a natural pragmatist and I’m hugely outcome-focused. For you, that means that after working with me, you will feel there has been a significant ROI delivered to you, your team and business. 

I take a human approach to business: Understanding that the leader and the business are intertwined.With this in mind, I’m about growing you as a capable leader as much as I am about growing a profitable business. 

From a tactical perspective, business strategy, vision and leadership and I utilise a broad range of evidence-based coaching approaches, with a focus on your capability building to provide you the tools and skills you need to handle any challenges your business throws at you in the future.

The Thistle Inn

My personal success story

How I transformed The Thistle Inn from making no money, to a hugely successful pub that is adored by fans and recognised as an industry leader

10 years ago, I bought The Thistle Inn. At the time, the place was in bad shape and I had a lot of work to do to get it up to standard. I started out like many of you: Working stupidly long hours, getting customer complaints, getting frustrated with my team who just weren’t engaged and making no money. One day I realised that I needed to master my own mindset. 

Although there were external factors that were causing these problems, I was the only one who could fix them. The first thing I did was get clarity on the issues and my challenges that I needed to overcome.


Results highlights

The Thistle Inn before and after Richard’s strategy


  • Tripled turnover 
  • Ranked in top 3% of the most profitable hospitality companies in New Zealand
  • Outstanding customer experience 
  • Well trained, happy staff with longevity
  • Rave reviews and adoring loyal customers
  • I created a hands-off business, giving me freedom to live the life that I want to live

The challenges at the Thistle Inn

  • Running at a financial loss 
  • Disengaged team 
  • Food costs were unnecessarily high 
  • Lack of time and energy for creativity and passion in the business
  • No consistency in the service or the food 
  • Lack of customers

How I transformed The Thistle Inn:


  • Team development and training great staff to serve great customers we’d attract 
  • Investing time and money into the team so they had purpose at work instead of just a job 
  • Created a team induction system and employer handbook 
  • Created a guest experience plan 
  • Created a customer loyalty strategy 

Strategy and execution 

  • Marketing to new and existing customers 
  • Created a performance culture with minimum standards across the board
  • Redefined our spaces and our offering to cater to the market 
  • Standardised recipes for everything, creating consistent experiences for our customers 
  • Got involved with the community to cement us as a trusted local brand


  • Created budgets and worked to truly understand my business’s finances
  • Set clear KPIs that are monitored weekly 
  • Trained and encouraged my team on upselling/cross selling

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