Managers must Prioritise Guest Experience

14 August 2023

Our managers have a fair few responsibilities, from overseeing operations to ensuring financial success. However, our managers must recognize the importance of focusing on the guest experience and leading by example. By prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of their guests, managers can establish a positive reputation, grow guest loyalty, and ultimately drive the success of their establishment. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction - Yes, our managers work to manage the team, turn off the lights, and do the end-of-day reconciliation, but more importantly, they are there to consistently exceed guest expectations and have a mindset of fantastic hospitality. Having this mindset will enhance the guest experience and show authentic leadership within the team for the vision you are trying to achieve. With a guest-centric attitude, managers can look for improvement and implement new systems or strategies to enhance the guest experience. 

Building a positive reputation - Positive, personal interactions have a significant impact on the business. Managers must intensely focus on guest experience, take deliberate actions to ensure positive interactions with guests, and address any concerns promptly and effectively. This helps build a solid reputation, creating repeat business and a positive online presence. 

Driving guest loyalty - Loyal customers are an invaluable asset for any hospitality establishment, as they tend to spend more, provide constructive feedback, and act as brand ambassadors. Hospitality managers who prioritize guest experience can create memorable moments, personalize services, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. These efforts foster guest loyalty, increasing revenue and a solid customer base.

Maximizing turnover potential - In an increasingly competitive hospitality industry, managers need to focus on the financial sustainability of their establishments. By prioritizing guest experience, they can directly impact profitability. Satisfied guests are likelier to spend on additional services and amenities, leading to increased revenue streams. Moreover, guests who have experienced exceptional service are willing to pay higher prices, which enhances the establishment's overall revenue potential.

Empowering the team and promoting excellence comes down to culture and managers leading by example. By making guest satisfaction of the highest importance, it follows through to the team. Managers who consistently promote excellence and value guest experience create a team environment where staff members embrace the mindset of going above and beyond for guests. This empowerment results in a motivated workforce that is eager to contribute to creating unforgettable experiences for guests.




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